High Holy Days 5780

The High Holy Days this year occur in late September and early October, slightly later than last year. We will observe the Days of Awe with a full set of services open to members and the broader community. At Congregation Kol Shalom, we are blessed to offer a wide selection of services for adults, teens and children. Rabbi Janine Schloss will be leading most of our Days of Awe services this year, and our planned schedule (subject to possible change) is shown below.

Schedule of Services for High Holy Days 5780

8:00pm Nightfall Service (no ticket needed)

7:00pm Ma’ariv – Evening Service (Ticket Required)
Potluck Dessert Celebration to follow

9:00am Shacharit – Morning Service (Ticket Required)
9:00am Shacharit L’yeladim Children (Ticket Required)
Tashlich Ceremony to follow at Point White Pier

9:00am Shacharit – Morning Service (no ticket needed)

7:00pm Kol Nidre – Evening Service (Ticket Required)

9:00am Shacharit – Morning Service (Ticket Required)
9:00am Shacharit L’yeladim Children (Ticket Required)
1:30pm Our Traditional Yoga Session (no ticket needed)
2:30pm Our Traditional Discussion Group (no ticket needed)
3:30pm Torah Study with the Rabbi (no ticket needed)
4:30pm Yizkor – Memorial Service (no ticket needed)
5:15pm Mincha – Afternoon Service (no ticket needed)
6:00pm Avodah – Musaf Service (no ticket needed)
6:45pm Neilah – Closing Service (no ticket needed)
7:25pm Havdalah and Community Break-the-Fast


High Holy Days Ticketing

Member ticketing: Tickets and information for High Holy Days services will be included in a special High Holy Days mailing to be sent in mid-August to our current members. Several of our High Holy Days services will require a ticket (see schedule above).

Non-member ticketing: Congregation Kol Shalom welcomes those in the community who wish to worship with us during High Holy Days. We ask a donation of $250 per individual ($500 per family) for non-members, and $100 per individual ($200 per family) for guests of current members. We do not turn anyone away due to inability to pay, and accept donations at smaller amounts as necessary.

Donations enable our thriving Jewish community to continue to learn and grow, and any donations for High Holy Days tickets may be applied to Congregation Kol Shalom 2019-2020 membership pledges if you decide to join the congregation by December 31, 2019.

Tickets are complimentary for active military personnel and for full-time students. Additionally, anyone who is a member in good standing in another URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) congregation may request a courtesy ticket as part of the reciprocity agreements between North American URJ congregations.

Non-member tickets will be available through a Non-Member Ticket Request Form from the synagogue office or downloadable from our web site. To download a High Holy Days Ticket Request Form, a Yizkor Memorial Service Remembrance Name Request, or our one page summary of Kol Shalom High Holy Days information and traditions (minhagim), click on the links below.

Non-Member High Holy Days Ticket Request Form

Yizkor Memorial Service Remembrance Request

Kol Shalom High Holy Days Customs (Minhagim)

For more information, please contact our Temple Administrator.


Shacharit L’yeladim 2019

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Children’s Morning Services

Services and activities coordinated by Sam Wagner

We again look forward to offering the yeladim of Congregation Kol Shalom a Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur experience of their own. We will be holding children’s services and activities at the same time as the general Shacharit services on Monday September 30 and on Wednesday October 9, both starting at 9:00am. For these events, there will be educational games, songs, and projects on the themes of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, with a participatory service at the time of the general service’s Torah reading. We will join the general service in the sanctuary for blowing of the Shofar towards the end of our time together on Rosh Hashanah. These special Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur children’s services are included in your membership, or with the purchase of a non-member or member’s guest High Holy Days ticket. Children 4 and older can be dropped off in the school while parents attend in the sanctuary, although parents who would like to attend with their children are welcome to do so. A parent is requested to accompany very young children or those still in diapers. Please contact the synagogue office if you are interested in attending or assisting with services.

An RSVP is requested one week before each service with names, number of children, and ages – please contact our Temple Administrator to RSVP.

Questions? Contact Coordinator Sam Wagner or our Temple Administrator Darla Buhler.