Mishkan HaNefesh Appeal

Mishkan HaNefesh

A New Machzor for High Holy Days


The Union for Reform Judaism and the Central 
Conference of American Rabbis have developed
a new machzor (the prayer book for High Holy
Days) called Mishkan HaNefesh. This will be a
two volume set, one for Rosh Hashanah, one for
Yom Kippur. The new publication replaces the
Reform Movement’s previous machzor, Gates of
Repentance, and will also be a replacement for
On Wings of Awe, our previous prayer book for 
Holy Days. The publisher plans to release them
in time for High Holy Days this year.


Congregations like ours that use Mishkan T’filah as their siddur are ready for a new machzor that serves as a companion. Like Mishkan T’filah, Mishkan HaNefesh creates a 21st century space for all to inhabit, offering a multiplicity of different approaches through updated translations, readings, and poetry, as well as easily accessible transliteration. Mishkan HaNefesh gives both prayer leaders and the community a wealth of resources for finding new meaning in the High Holy Days.


The Board of Directors approved recommendations for adoption of new machzorim from the Religious Practices Committee and Rabbi Strasko. We are now reaching out to the congregation and to the broader community with an opportunity to help support their purchase.


We are encouraging our members and others in our North Kitsap Jewish community to consider a donation to purchase one or more 2-volume sets in your name, or in honor of, or in memory of, a loved one at a discounted price of $40 per set, if ordered by March 15, 2015 ($50 after March 15). For those who wish, a bookplate may be placed in the machzor with the name of the donor and of the person(s) to be honored or remembered.


Many of you have already expressed excitement about being able to help with this meaningful project. This shared effort will mean our High Holy Days this year and in following years with Rabbi Strasko and new machzorim will be ones to remember.


Thank you for any support you can give. You can reply to this request by going to the Donations section of the Congregation Kol Shalom website:




If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any Kol Shalom Board member.




Congregation Kol Shalom Board of Directors