Rabbinic Search Test

For questions or information, please contact Rabbinic Search Committee Chair Kevin Bernstein

Formation of the Rabbinic Search Committee

Congregational Mailing from June 6, 2018

We are pleased to present the CKS Congregation with the 2018/2019 Rabbinic Search Committee.

The committee represents wide ranges in chronological and congregational ages, equal male to female ratio, representation from the religious school, varied religious practice experiences, members that attend CKS regularly as contrasted with infrequent attendees, outgoing board members, a board member renewing for another term, CKS historical perspective, new and well-established memberships, experience with congregational leadership not limited to CKS, forward communications style as contrasted with a more reserved style, a rabbinical perspective, members with young children, empty nesters, retirees, and leadership in their respective fields.

We believe that the individuals named to this committee will work diligently on this sacred task, in a positive and productive way while respecting the opinions of others, to achieve our common goal…to find the next CKS Rabbi who will meet the broad needs of the congregation.

2018/2019 Rabbinic Search Committee Members

Kevin Bernstein, Chair
Jessica Dubey
Patty Fielding
Asaph Glosser
Rob Hershberg
Sara Litt
Marc Miller
Joyce Reinitz
George Soltes
Barry Spinak
Naomi Spinak

Frequently Asked Questions about  Rabbinic Search

Congregational Mailing from June 29, 2018
Who hires the new rabbi?
As directed in our By-laws, the RSC will recommend a candidate to the Board of Directors. Upon the Board’s approval of the candidate, they will then put out a vote to the congregation. With a 70% congregational approval, the Board will offer the position to the next CKS Rabbi.
What is the process for selecting the next rabbi?
The RSC’s work involves identifying and representing the needs, wants and interests of the congregation. Based on what we learn, we will participate in a formal search process. It is most likely that we will be reviewing resumes and conducting interviews with a diverse set of rabbis in December 2018 and January 2019. We will then invite finalists to come to CKS sometime in February, where each will be invited to conduct Shabbat services and meet with the congregation.
The leading candidate will be invited to return with their family (if applicable) for an additional weekend. Prior to April 2019, we will recommend that the Board extend an offer to the candidate. Following Board approval, the congregation will vote and we can extend a formal offer to the candidate.
How can the congregants provide input into the search process?
In order for this process to be successful and representative of the many interests of our congregants, we not only want, but we need your participation! To this end, we are sending out a survey in July, which we hope each of you will complete, as this will be an important guide in directing us. We will then analyze the results and share them with you.
We are also holding congregational meetings so we can all hear from each other, and discuss, question and consider together. The topic will be the same at all three meetings; the design is that each person attends one meeting so that we can hear from every member. The RSC will reach out to congregants who cannot attend and gather their input.
We believe that coming together as a community and talking about what we each value in the next rabbi and the future of CKS, will be an incredibly powerful experience that will benefit our entire congregation in the years to come.
What is the timeline for the search?
Our work has already begun. Below is a general outline of a typical search, but please understand that these dates are subject to change as new developments arise in the process.
  • Ongoing: Provide congregants with the current status of search process via email and conversation.
  • July 2018: Survey congregation, hold congregational meetings
  • November 2018 – January 2019: Search committee receives and reviews rabbi applications, conducts telephone and/or Skype interviews
  • January – March 2019: Rabbinic finalists invited to CKS for a weekend to lead services and meet congregation
  • March 2019: Final candidate, and family (if applicable), visits CKS for a weekend
  • March – April 2019: Search committee forwards hiring recommendations to the Board, which will call for a congregational vote. Offer is extended
  • July 2019: CKS welcomes the next rabbi.
What are we looking for in the next rabbi?
The RSC will use the wealth of information gathered in our survey and congregational meetings to identify the specific qualifications that will best meet our congregation’s needs. As we move forward in the search process, the RSC invites your continued input to supplement this information. We will look for a rabbi who will best support our present needs, and who we believe has the potential to build on this wonderful foundation to take on the challenges and excitement of 21st century Judaism in North Kitsap and beyond. We believe this involves an approach that is a balance of tradition and creative, engaging Jewish practice and ideas. While we recognize that no one rabbi will be “perfect” for every individual, we are confident we will find a rabbi who will be right for us as a community.
Will the congregation have a chance to meet the candidates before a final decision is made?
Definitely! When the final candidates visit CKS, there will be many opportunities to meet and interact with them.
Update from the Rabbinic Search Committee
Congregational Mailing from July 27, 2018

Thank you to everyone who provided valuable feedback by participating in one of the three congregational meetings, completed the rabbinic search survey, and through other forms of communication. The congregational meetings were frank, lively and positive discussions of our feelings about CKS, our goals and challenges going forward and the qualities we seek in our next rabbi. Many common themes emerged and it became obvious that our commonalities outweigh our differences. The survey response exceeded expectations. We received 88 completed surveys providing detailed information about the needs, values and wishes of the CKS community. If anyone would like to review the detailed survey results, please let us know and a link will be provided.

The Rabbinic Search Committee will now use the wealth of information received to compile a job description that accurately reflects the values, ideals and unique characteristics of CKS, to attract the best candidates to apply for the position. We have now completed the information gathering phase and have entered the active search phase of this process.  
For questions or more information, please contact Committee Chair Kevin Bernstein.