Special Membership Meeting

The Search Committee has been in contact with Rabbi Paul Strasko, currently chief rabbi for a congregation in Germany.  He is from Helena, Montana and his wife is from Seattle.  After several phone conversations it became clear to the committee that he is very interested in our position at CKS.  He has spent a great deal of time here, knows the area very well, and is especially interested in Bainbridge Island.

We held a Skype interview with him last week. We were very favorably impressed and he continues to be interested in our position.  He will be visiting with us this week, arriving Wednesday night, and will be at the minyan for Jani Pauli’s father on Thursday.

On Saturday, March 8, Rabbi Strasko will lead the Shabbat service and Torah study.  An oneg will follow the service so that we all can have a chance to talk with him informally.

Please try to join us this Shabbat. 


And remember that our congregation meeting will be the following day on Sunday March 9 at 2 PM when we will be discussing our options.