Volunteers and Committees

Our Congregation Kol Shalom community relies on its membership to make it run. We have a small staff, which includes our Rabbi, Religious School Director and Temple Administrator. However, most functions are performed by volunteers. The congregation is led by the Board of Directors who rely on the work done by our various committees.

Our volunteers tend the gardens, take care of our buildings, provide childcare, cook and care for community members in need, organize cultural, educational and social activities, and plan Jewish worship and observances. No matter what your interests, we welcome your involvement.

Our committees and their current points of contact or Board Liaisons are shown below:

Arts and FurnishingsJani Levy Pauli
Works to review and implement design changes that have a visual effect on the interior or exterior of our facilities, such as color changes, artwork, and furnishings.

Jani Levy Pauli and Robin Gaphni

Implements and oversees policies concerning Kol Shalom’s Jewish section of Port Blakely cemetery, and acts as a conduit between bereaved families, the Rabbi, the cemetery and the funeral home.

Chevra KadishaRobin Gaphni and Wendy Jones
A group of members that provides a supportive Jewish framework for families who have lost a loved one,  including comforting grieving family and performing Jewish ritual cleansing.

FacilitiesEd Arndt and Lisa Hope
Volunteers expertise and labor for building and facility matters, including building and infrastructure repairs, and does evaluation and implementation of facility improvements.

Finance Jonathan Liffgens
Prepares annual budget for approval by the Board, explores and resolves financial issues, advising the President, Treasurer, Administrator, and Accountant on management of financial matters of the congregation.

Helps plan and coordinate one-of-a-kind or recurring events including our Gala Dinner and Auction with the specific goal of raising significant revenues in support of our annual budget to supplement our annual pledges.

Membership Jani Levy Pauli
Supports Kol Shalom’s ongoing efforts to attract, welcome and integrate new members, communicate with existing members and help nurture life-long affiliation and a strong sense of Jewish identity.

Mitzvah Corps Jessica Dubey
Supports congregants and members of the community in need or when sick, provides companionship, and comforts those who lose loved ones, through phone calls, cards, visits and transportation as appropriate.

Plans and coordinates various congregational activities, including social events, adult education classes, guest speakers, field trips and activities that hold particular interest for Kol Shalom families.

Religious Practices Phyllis Katz
With the Rabbi, evaluates and recommends policies related to religious matters, helps plan and coordinate Jewish religious service and holiday observances.

Religious School Asaph Glosser
Works closely with our Religious School Director to develop and implement necessary educational policies and encourages congregational support and volunteers for our Religious School.

Social Action Kathleen Alcalá
Seeks to provide opportunities to participate in social action as a manifestation of Jewish life, modeling social activism for our youth, and encouraging all members to engage in social action both as individuals and as a Jewish community.

Web Site and CommunicationsSteve Louis
Works closely with our Temple Administrator to develop and manage content and format for our web site, and manages communications and marketing activities through interactions with the CKS Board, CKS committees and Staff.


For more information or to volunteer, please contact our Temple Administrator.